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Darkhorse Crankworks

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Remanufactured Crankshafts

Darkhorse is the PIONEER in offering “full service” to pressed together Harley Davidson® and Buell® crankshafts.  We are offer superior remanufacturing services of the entire lower unit. Our focus is on tighter tolerances and upgraded precision parts. 

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Darkhorse Crankshaft's Focus

Let us take care of the foundation to your build, so you can concentrate on all the upper end details. We don't claim to be a one-stop shop. Rather, we are the highly qualified specialists in cases and cranks and let top end professionals and trusted motorcycle dealerships take it from there.

Because our focus is crankcases and crankshafts, it forces us to continually develop and engineer our line of supporting precision parts to compliment and build a stronger foundation for today’s high output engine builds.

Machining Specs

Darkhorse machinists certify all three versions of our H-Beam Chromoly connecting rods before they are installed in any crankshaft. Our domestic and Carrillo con-rods are forged in the USA, finish sized and inspected by our machinists three times before final assembly. With centerlines machined to within .0003” of each other and being the only rod that you can provide a .001” stack-up on a remanufactured crankshaft, they are fast becoming the industry standard.

Our precision balancing method has proved to our dealers, and their customers, the benefits of a properly balanced crankshaft from Darkhorse Crankworks. Since 1980, we have been perfecting our processes, constantly improving and building on success. Our dealers and customers know that this method equates to the smoothest crankshafts in the country.

We true all crankshafts to within .0015” total indicated run-out at each main bearing race and guarantee them to stay within  .0005” for 2 years and unlimited miles. 


Our oversized and stepped crankpins allow us to save more OEM connecting rods and provides us flexibility in crankshaft configurations and building combinations that no one else in the industry can come close to.

Timken Bearing Upgrades

Darkhorse Crankshaft's exclusive Timken® bearing upgrade procedure and various case inserts,s allows us to save more cases due to case bore misalignment than ever before.  We couple our upgrades with a Darkhorse designed pinion side bearing retainer for all OEM cases that insure that there is no chance of pinion bearings walking into cam chest and creating disaster for all the aggressive engine builds.  

Over the years there have been many business’s claiming to follow the same process’s, utilize the same techniques, have the same quality that is associated with the Darkhorse Crankworks® name.   What we guarantee they do not have is our team of machinists, craftsmen and engineers that are second to no one when it comes to providing the quality you expect with our superior services and innovative product line in a time frame you deserve.

All work must be accompanied with a Remanufacture Work Order online form or PDF. A Dealer Application must be submitted, approved and on file prior to completion of work. Our procedures do not include the cost of parts. Please do not assume it will be all-inclusive. The crankshafts and cases we work on range from brand new to very old. It would be impossible for us to have set flat rates for our procedures.  Contact us if you require a quote prior to beginning work on your project.

Darkhorse Crankworks shall not, under any circumstances, be held liable for consequential damages, including parts not sold by Darkhorse Crankworks, labor not performed by Darkhorse Crankworks or loss of profits.  Installation of any aftermarket part, including parts and services by Darkhorse Crankworks, may adversely effect the OEM vehicle warranty.

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John, just wanted to thank you and your crew at dark horse for building and assembling my twin cam lower end, it's extremely smooth and feels snappy and quicker revving than before! Your professional work and attitude are greatly appreciated!

Rob Dueker

My engine and associated components came back yesterday afternoon. The thing looks amazing! I am extremely impressed with the turnaround time on this build. I can't wait to get my top end components so that I can finish this build. Thank you so much for your professionalism, workmanship and guidance.

My hat goes off to you and your employees. Your shop will definitely get my recommendations to anyone, in the Buell community, requiring bottom end work.

Carlos Alcivar
Thomasville, NC

The parts arrived today. Looks great!

Really nice job lightening the crank!

Dan Pike
FTF Cycles - Randolph, MA
Racing Technical Contributor
IronWorks Magazine