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Mill 07-up pistons for full top rods   questions (1K)
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  Competition H-beam   USA Chromoly H-beam   S&S I-beam  Carrillo H-beam
Rebuild Connecting Rods if necessary - Wristpin size
Weld Crankpin  questions (1K)
Weld counterbalance sprocket
Repair cam bearing bore  questions (1K)
Repair Main-bearing bore  questions (1K)
Repair Lifterbore  questions (1K)
Repair crankcase other
Case - oversize boring - spigot\bore size
Cam chest clearance - cam lift and part#
Repair/Replace Cam support plate bore/bushing  questions (1K)
Timken bearing upgrade  questions (1K)   Linelap pinion race: BT / XL
Blueprint and assemble cases  questions (1K)
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Darkhorse Crankworks shall not, under any circumstances, be held liable for consequential damages, including parts not sold by Darkhorse Crankworks, labor not performed by Darkhorse Crankworks or loss of profits. Installation of any aftermarket part, including parts and services by Darkhorse Crankworks, may adversely effect the OEM vehicle warranty.

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