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Darkhorse Crankworks

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Videos and Stats

Darkhorse Crankworks was responsible for building and engineering the crankshaft work in the below videos for Harley-Davidson & Pepper: DLRA Speed Week held in Austraila and prototype Project 156 for Victory Motorcycles.

True Balance

At Darkhorse Crankworks, we have decades of experience building, blueprinting and balancing Harley Davidson crankshafts. This knowledge in balance factors, allows us to tailor a crankshaft for your riding style, engine design and its intended RPM range.

We put the “new motor/ engine” on the bike. Fired it up on Friday. Went to the track on Saturday. The first pass we went 9.28 ¼ mile.

I believe this engine/motor will be in the teens. It is running excellent. We put a 145inch on the trailer in the 1st round.

Look for us on AMRA website Hot Street, Top Eliminator, and Super Gas. All none wheelie bar motorcycles.

GREAT job! We appreciate it. You will be hearing from us more.

JT’s Auto & Cycle Racing

Thanks again for the flywheel assembly you put together for my last project. I have some miles on the bike now, and I can say it is one of the smoothest, best balanced assemblies I've ever had!